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Diversity of Poultry


Different countries have different chicken breeds, some indigenous and some imported. In general, there are more chicken breeds in Europe and North America than in Asia and Africa because the former has a longer breeding history and more breeding programs. There are hundreds of chicken breeds in the world, and they are distinguished by characteristics such as body size, plumage color, comb type, skin color, toe number, feather weight, egg color and country of origin. They are also classified according to their primary use (egg-laying, meat or ornamental), and some are considered dual-purpose. Here are some examples of chicken breeds from different countries:


Country or Region                      Breed of Chicken

Afghanistan                                  Ingriido, Khasaki, Kulangi, Pusty, Sabzwari

Australia                                       Australorp, Australian Langshan

Austria                                          Altsteirer, Steinpiperl, Sulmtaler

Belgium                                        Ardennaise, Barbu d’Anvers, Barbu de Boitsfort

China                                            Anhui White, Beijing Youji, Chahua

India                                             Aseel, Asil, Brahma, Chittagong, Kadaknath

Japan                                           Chabo, Hinai-jidori, Nagoya Cochin, Onagadori


Variety selection

Different countries have different standards and preferences for selecting chicken breeds, depending on factors such as local climate, market, culture and regulations. Some countries may pay more attention to egg production ability, meat quality or appearance of chickens, while others may pay more attention to cold tolerance, disease resistance or adaptability of chickens, etc.

Here are some popular chickens:

Araucana Chicken Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens Rhode Island Red Chicken Australorp Chicken Maran Chickens Buff Orpington Chicken Barnevelder Chickens Leghorn Chickens Easter Egger Chickens Silkies Welsummer Chicken Welsummer Chicken

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