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Egg Collection Belt

Egg Collection Belt

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 Poultry feeder (egg collection machine) with conveyor belt is imported from Barbieri s.r.l. Company, this company mainly produce various types of automated poultry machinery conveyor belt, and through continuous innovation to maintain its leading position in the industry.

 Egg Collection Belt

 1. Specification:

Egg Collection Belt: Made of high toughness polypropylene material, the color is white or gray, above with red, yellow, blue and green and other personalized lines lines.

Import modelNSPW.100.RB

Applicable models: A type and H type Automatic Egg Collection Machines.


Polypropylene is extremely resistant to bacteria and fungi, although no surface treatment, can still be anti-acid corrosion. And polypropylene does not absorb water, and will not be affected by sudden changes in humidity and temperature. And the yarn on the egg is ultraviolet and antistatic material, can do not dust. Egg feeding can be sewn or ultrasonic tape equipment to welding, the standard weaving width is generally 100mm, weaving width can reach 50mm to 70mm.

Standard Package: Each tray has a wooden tray, set egg bag wrapped by PE plastic wrap. A total of 736 volumes, each roll length of 500 meters, which has 27 care, each tray 26 volumes * 300 m / volume, or 7800 m / care, subtotal: 7800 m / care * 27 = 210600 m, total 368000 meters.

 2. Function:

The egg collection is mainly used to support our company's egg collection machine of A and H type System, as the automatic egg machine conveyor belt in chicken coop. Egg can be automatically transferred to the collection terminal after falling from the cages to the egg collection. This will not only improve efficiency effectively, but also save labor costs, whether it is for large-scale farms or small-scale farms. Have a good effect.


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