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The A Frame Cage System Project in Southeast Asia Country


1. Most of the southeast Asian countries have a common characteristic: where close to the ocean, only have two or three seasons in a year: season (cold) hot season, the rainy season, at the age of high temperature, high humidity, abundant rainfall. So most of the region of laying hens breeding using two tiers of open hen house: because climate cause if using closed loop control system in the hen house work load is too large, the safety of the hen house will be a challenge. Open house is combined with the local climate conditions and reduce costs, ensure the safety of the henhouse factors such as comprehensive this choice.
2.The customer use 3rows 4 tiers cage system. Hen house size length * width * height = 121 * 12.5 * (1.6 + 1.6) m. Lower level of 1.6 meters for concrete structure, the upper for steel structure. So the chicken manure can fall into the bottom of the ground directly, no chicken manure pollution. Combined with high temperatures in southeast Asia, the manure can get faster evaporation, to facilitate a single breeding cycle ends, the underlying use manure collector to clean up.
3.The 3 row3 4 tiers equipment, each row 53 sets, a total of 159 sets, each set can feed 200 hens, pavilions breeding of 31800 only. The customers to use drinking water system, automatic driving feeding system, with 11.2 tons of galvanized sheet metal tower, with automatic egg system, further enhance the automation.
4.The cage to use 275 GSM galvanized sheet, automatic stamping press, convenient transportation and installation; Cage net all use hot dip galvanized surface treatment technology, apply to the local hot and humid climate environment.

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