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A Frame Layer Cage System Project in Senegal


1.this poultry farm is farm that located in Senegal which in West Africa,this is the new customer who bought cage system from China and also we first time sen engineers to make installation in Senegal.
2.The chicken house is concrete floor and steel structure open house because of the high temperature and humidity in Senegal.all cages are hot galvanized which can last for longer time.we finished the cage system installation firstly and then they cover the chicken house roof st last.
3.They use the feed silo(11.2 Tons) and deliver the feed inside of the silo by the feed truck every 6 days,it keeps the chicken feed fresh.and feeding trolley with feed average equipment to give feed with same level into the feed troughs.
4.the cage dimension is 2150*420*410mm(front door height),and you can put 4 birds,and each bird can take(43*42)/
chicken house dimension is 100 meters long,8 meter depth and 3 meter high.
42sets/row * 2rows = 84 sets,160 birds/sets * 84 sets/house = 13,440 birds/house
5.The automatic egg collection machines total 2sets in front of the each row and all egg collection belts are made in Italy can be fixed with the cages very easy.
6.The automatic drinking system including the 25*25mm square pipes with screw nipples,water pressure regulators,filters.
 7.the manure removal systems using scraper type by automatic control,the manure removal scraper can deliver all manure outside of the chicken house.

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