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A-frame breeder-cage-project-in-Nigeria


This Breeder Cage Project is located in the county of Abuja, which has a profect position with potential market and convenient transportation cost.
For breeder farms, the eggs are valuable, profect egg condition ensure higher hatching rate, there are 2 breeder building already in the farm which is using traditional raising system of feeders and drinkers, eggs are laying is wooden boxes, the egg broken rate is on the high side and it's not convenient to collecting eggs. Meanwhile, frequently go in and out of the breeding house for providing feed and water for breeders, the workers are easily bring germs into the house, so the project turn into our cage system which has advantage of 1. convenient for collecting eggs, 2. easy management, 3. reducing risk of disease transmission.

Here is some project photos of the breeder cage project.

Breeder Chicken House

Cage System (female chicken cage and cock cage)

Automatic Equipment of Drinking and Feeding System

Automatic Equipment of Manure Removal System

Automatic Cooling System and Ventilation Windows

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