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Henan Poul Tech signed the Cooperation Agreement with Fienhage!


 VIV Beijing exhibition was held in September 2016. This exhibition gathered almost all chicken equipment manufacturers around the world and tens of thousands of professional chicken customers in the three-day exhibition to patronize the show. Fienhage, one of the top brands in the German chicken industry, is the first time to participate in the chicken industry exhibition in mainland of China.

During the exhibition, Mr. Finger and Chairman of the Feinhage Company, Mr. Urik Vichiman, expressed their optimism about the prospects for China's automated chicken market and fully affirmed the great potential future of China in the market. As one of the industry's top brands, they once said that they did not give enough attention for early Chinese market, but compared to other peers entry into the Chinese market from now is not "late." With the rapid development of China's economy, food safety and environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher. The current Chinese chicken industry is in a period of vigorous development, most large and medium-sized farms need take the ladder-type equipment into fully automated H type chicken cage equipment. And the new large-scale chicken farms are directly need reliable quality, advanced technology, a higher degree of automation cascade chicken equipment. Fienhage choose to enter the Chinese market can be said the right time.


 Fienhage’s two heads of staff have a deeply knowing for Poul Tech machinery during the exhibition, in view of the unfamiliar market conditions in China and Poul Tech machinery in the domestic and foreign markets have a profound understanding of solid professional skills and excellent business Team. Fienhage decided to cooperate with our company and signed a memorandum of cooperation. And they confirmed to visit each other and signe a formal cooperation agreement in October 2017.


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