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Henan Poul Tech in 2016 Germany Hannover EUROTIER Exhibition


Time: 15th -18th November,2016
Location: Germany Hannover Exhibition Center
Sponsored by: German Agricultural Association (DLG)
Exhibition cycle: two years (livestock every two years a theme exhibition) / the 15th

EUROTIER International Livestock Exhibition is held every two years and is the largest animal husbandry exhibition in the world. The exhibition covers pig industry, cattle industry, poultry industry, aquatic products and agricultural organic waste disposal. It involves animal breeding, animal husbandry, feed and feed additives, veterinary and veterinary drugs and other aspects of the livestock industry chain. EUROTIER International Livestock Exhibition is the ideal platform for you to obtain innovative achievements and development trends of animal husbandry. We invite you to visit Germany Hannover, with more than 2,400 exhibitors from around the world and 160,000 spectators to witness this world animal husbandry event!

According to the German Agricultural Association (DLG) statistics, there are more than 157,000 professional visitors of 100 countries, 2368 exhibitors of 23 countries come to attend the exhibition (2014). The statistics shows nearly half of the exhibitors,1147 enterprises are from other country and the region. Among these enterprises, China has 116 exhibitors,the exhibitors number ranked the third and second only to the Netherlands (186 exhibitors) and France (136 exhibitors). Most of the Chinese exhibitors organize a team to joined the professional pavilions, so that Chinese enterprises in the exhibition get a better position. The exquisite decoration of professional pavilions, particularly attracting visitors from all over the world to visit and negotiate business. During the same period in the exhibition, the German Association of Agricultural Agencies in China also specially tailored exhibition group, the European pig industry delegation, the German modern cattle farm training group and other activities for the Chinese enterprises.

At the same period in exhibition, there is European Energy Decentral Exhibition, and more than 350 exhibitors of this field will show the innovative technologies, including power generation, network, surveillance systems, and distributed to distributed energy consumption. As well as giving solutions for agricultural practitioners, supply departments and other fields. Exhibits including livestock and poultry equipment; breeding technology, embryo technology and genetic engineering; feed machinery, feed additives processing equipment; feed production and reserve; animal barn and construction; animal husbandry management and feeding technology; environmental control and environmental technology; equipment and services; animal husbandry and poultry diseases prevention, treatment and health care technology and equipment; veterinary drugs, vaccine products and animal health products production equipment; livestock machinery, incubation machinery, temperature control equipment , drinking water equipment and other farming equipment; livestock processing machinery, meat slaughtering equipment, meat processing equipment, egg processing equipment; biomass energy and localized supply etc.
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