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In recent years, with the rapid development of aquaculture at home and abroad, especially in developing countries, governments have attached great importance to the work of veterinary bio-security, and various vaccines have been put in place. Why in this case, there are still more than 80% of laying hens affected by the disease? The reason is that the construction of the house is unreasonable, the feeding equipment is simple, the ventilation condition of the chicken coop is poor, the flock is in the harsh environment for a long time, the constitution and the disease resistance are reduced, and the susceptibility to the external pathogen is enhanced, Of the frequent occurrence.

(3D color drawings, chicken farms overall design for our customers)


common misunderstandings of building a chicken coop construction:

Misunderstanding one:all kinds of environment can raise chicken

Site selection must consider the conditions of quarantine, chicken coop built in the yard or highly intensive farming area, is not conducive to the requirements of quarantine.

(3D color drawings, layer chicken house design for our customers)

Misunderstanding two:all kinds of house can raise chicken

Raising Chickne in a house, which is simple, poor feeding conditions, heat insulation, poor insulation conditions, the flocks are in stress state for a long time, resulting in deterioration of physical fitness, reduced resistance. We have combined with more than 30 years of domestic chicken industry and chicken house construction experience, especially recommended a set of current farmers farming status of the "initial stage", "medium-scale feeding stage", "large-scale feeding stage" and other three kinds of chicken house construction model, For different farming stages, different farming scale of farmers reference.

(3D color drawings, equipment operation display)


Misunderstanding three:all kinds of equipment can raise chicken


a small area, feeding, drinking water space, can not be guaranteed, resulting in uneven development of chickens, nutrient intake is not enough, poor constitution, easy to disease.

(3D color drawings, pullet raising equipment operation display)


Misunderstanding four:all kinds of ventilation condition can raise chicken

Chicken house design is unreasonable, ventilation and insulation contradictions prominent. Especially in the winter, winter and spring, autumn and winter season when the performance is more obvious, these seasons flocks are prone to the main reason for infectious diseases.

(3D color drawings, overall design of pullet house and equipment)


Our company combined with the current domestic and international most scientific and rational design patterns, and personally went to the EU to visit the European large-scale chicken farms, learn from Europe's most dangerous European chicken construction concept and model, into the current Customers to provide chicken farms and chicken coop planning and design, I welcome the majority of customers to contact the Secretary for negotiations.

(3D color drawings, layer cage system with feeding and egg-collection machine)

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