POUL TECH is one company which is very professional on integrated livestock and poultry farm automation solutions. It is located in Zhengzhou High Tech Zone with the most rapid and convenient logistics and transportation. Our team has been working in livestock and poultry equipment industry more than 10 years, we have been to more than 20 countries and district for poultry exhibition and poultry farm equipment supplying and services.


(the 3D color chicken farm&house plan draft from R&D team of POUL TECH )

We supply the modern chicken farm&house plan drawing with scientific design, automatic poultry equipment and installation service after sales.the product including automatic cage system, feeding&drinking system, egg collection(conveyor) system, and chicken house environment control system. We have finished some large automatic international standard poultry farm project both in China domestic and foreign market.


(the H frame layer and pullet chicken farm project in China domestic market)

We have independent R&D team, modern and advanced production workshops and processing equipment, producing equipment with strict quality control standard. Now our customers are using our equipment in China mainland,Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America total more than 20 countries. We are now the only factory who can supply cage meshes to Europe in China.

(most of the cage meshes are processed by automatic welding machine)


(the steel sheets processing by cutting machine and hoppers in warehouse)

(H Frame cage frames and A frame egg collection machine ready for shipment)